We tried to make a White Sesame oil Pound Cake using Twice as much ingredients.

Pound cake

Today, we tried to make a white sesame oil pound cake using twice as much ingredients.


As a done cake, we thought there were some parts of undercooked in the cake, but there was nothing to worry about that.

White Sesame Oil Pound Cake Recipe (Ingredients)

# Ingredients Gram (g) Calories (kcal) Costs (Yen) Remarks
1 Eggs 120 182 ¥40 2 pcs.
2 Flour 100 368 ¥20  
3 White sesame oil 40 368 ¥63  
4 Sugar 100 387 ¥30  
  Total 360g 1305kcal ¥153  
Above calories and costs are approximately.

White Sesame Oil Pound Cake Recipe (Procedure)

(1) At first, the two eggs were separated into egg white and egg yolk.

(2) Then the egg white was kept stirring (for a few minutes) until a meringue became like a stiff peak. After that, 20g sugar was added into the meringue, furthermore that was kept stirring (for a few minutes).

(3) One egg yolk, 80g sugar and 40g oil in another bowl then they were mixed with a hand mixer (for a few minutes).

(4) Meringue, 100g flour put into the bowl of (3), then mixed them with the hand mixer (about a few minutes). The dough was done.

(5) The dough was poured into a pan of the pound cake. Then tapped the bottom of the pan from five to ten times in order to remove bubbles inside.

(6) Put pan into an oven preheated at 180 °c. The cake was baked for 20 minutes, then that was baked at 160 °c for more 10 minutes.

(7) After baking, the cake was taken out of the pan then cut after cooling. It was fluffy and beautiful inside of the cake just like when half ingredients were used! And the cake also tasted egg flavor strong.