Made Egg Steamed Breads. Surface of the breads were uneven.

Steamed bread

Today we made egg steamed breads.


As done breads, it tasted less sweet and the texture was chewy. Also the surface of breads were uneven, and they shrunk well. It caused that moisture might have fallen on the bread while steaming.

Egg Steamed Bread Recipe (Ingredients)

# Ingredients Gram (g) Calories (kcal) Cost (Yen) Remarks
1 Egg 60 91 ¥20  
2 Soy milk 15 7 ¥3  
3 Canola oil 12 111 ¥4 1 tablespoon
4 Flour 50 184 ¥10  
5 Sugar 30 116 ¥9  
  Total 167g 509kcal ¥46  

Above calories and costs are approximately.

Egg Steamed Bread Recipe (Procedure)

(1) At first, an egg was separated into egg white and egg yolk.

(2) Then the egg white was kept stirring (for a few minutes) until a meringue became like a stiff peak. After that, 10g sugar was added into the meringue, furthermore that was kept stirring (for a few minutes).

(3) One egg yolk, 20g sugar and 12g oil in another bowl then they were mixed with a hand mixer (for a few minutes).

(4) Meringue, 50g flour and 15g soy milk put into the bowl of (3), then mixed them with the hand mixer (about a few minutes). The dough was done.

(5) The dough was poured into a cup of steamed bread.

(6) Boiled water in a steamer. Next, cups of (5) put into the steamer, then put a lid that was wrapped a towel on the pot. After that, steamed them from 10 to 15 minutes.

(7) After steaming, the cups were taken out from the steamer. The surface of breads were uneven. It caused that  moisture might have fallen on the bread while steaming.

(8) When the steamed bread was broken as below, it was tight. The texture was chewy.




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