Pound Cake with Yogurt and Canola oil. Inside was Sticky.

Pound cake

Today, we tried making a pound cake with yogurt and Canola oil instead of butter. Because butter is expensive for us.

Finally, we made the cake. But unfortunately, the inside of the cake was sticky (Dark part inside of the cake in the picture was undercooked). Probably, yogurt had much moisture then the cake became undercooked.

Recipe for Pound Cake with Yogurt and Canola oil (Ingredients)

# Ingredients Gram (g) Calories (kcal) Costs (Yen) Remarks
1 Egg 60 91 ¥20  
2 Flour 50 184 ¥10  
3 Canola oil 50 461 ¥17  
4 Sugar 50 194 ¥15  
5 Yogurt 50 31 ¥25  
  Total 260g 961kcal ¥87  
Calories and Costs are approximate values.

Recipe for Pound Cake with Yogurt and Canola oil (Procedure)

(1) At first, an egg was separated into yolk and white.

(2) Then the egg white was kept stirring (for about a few minutes) until a meringue became like a stiff peak. After that, 10g sugar was added into meringue, furthermore it was kept stirring (for a few minutes).

(3) Put yolk, 40g sugar, 50g canola oil and 50g yogurt in an other bowl, then stirred it with a hand mixer (for a few minutes).

(4) The meringue of (2) and 50g flour put into the bowl of (3). After the dough was stirred with a hand mixer (about a few minutes), the dough was complete. The dough was pretty smooth because of using Canola oil.

(5) The dough was poured into a pan of a pound cake. Then, tapped the bottom of the pan from five to ten times to remove bubbles inside.

(6) Put pan into an oven preheated at 180 °c. After baking the cake for 20 minutes, we checked it inside by sticking toothpick. The cake inside was undercooked, so the cake was baked for 10 minutes more at 160 °c.

(7) After baking, removed the pound cake from the pan, then put it on the net for cooling for a while. Cut it to finish.

The inside of the cake was sticky, and the taste was not so good. That’s too bad.


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