Tried Making Plain Pound Cake.

We tried making a plain pound cake of handmade.


A pound cake is made from same amount of egg, sugar, butter and flour. All ingredients were mixed by a had mixer, then baked them by oven. After baking, the surface of the pound cake was like a crispy, and the inside was fluffy.

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Recipe for Plain Pound Cake (Ingredients)

# Ingredients Gram (g) Calories (kcal) Costs (Yen) Remarks
1 Egg 60 91 ¥20  
2 Butter 50 366 ¥109  
3 Sugar 50 194 ¥15  
4 Flour 50 184 ¥10  
Total 210g 835kcal ¥154  

Calories and Costs are approximately.

Recipe for Plain Pound Cake (Procedure)

(1) At first, The egg was separated into yolk and white.

(2) Then the egg white was kept stirring (for about a few minutes) until a meringue became like a stiff peak. After that, 10g sugar was added, furthermore it was kept stirring (for about a few minutes) that became like a picture below.

(3) The yolk, 40g sugar, 50g butter were put in an other bowl, then it was stirred with a hand mixer.

(4) After the meringue of (2) and 50g flour were put into the bowl of (3), it was stirred with a hand mixer (about a few minutes). The dough was complete.

(5) The dough of (4) was poured into a pan of a pound cake. Then, tapped the bottom of the pan about five or ten times to remove the bubbles inside.

(6) The pan of (5) was put into the oven preheated at 180 °c. After about 10-15 minutes, the surface of the pound cake was roasting. In order to split in half of the surface, a split was made on the pound cake. Furthermore, the pound cake was baked for 5 minutes.

(7) After baking, remove the pound cake from the pan, then that was put on the net, and cooled for a while. Cut it to finish.

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