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About Advertisements on this site

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Comments on this site

This site records IP addresses of visitor’s comments in order to cope with spam and trolls. This function is supported as a standard blog feature and doesn’t use IP addresses except coping with spam and trolls. Also all comments will be posted after the administrator confirms contents in advance then approves them. In addition, comments that contain contents below may be rejected or deleted by the administrator.

  • Comments that are defamed or slandered individual and corporations.
  • Comments that contains extremely immoral content.
  • Comments that violate the law (for dealing with prohibited items, requests for actions that harm others, requests for goods or actions prohibited by the law, etc.)
  • Comments that are contrary to public order and morality
  • In addition, comments that the administrator shouldn’t approve.

Purpose for Use of Personal Information on this site

On this site, personal information such as your name and email address may be registered when you contact us by email or comments. These personal information will be used to answer questions and to inform you of necessary information, and will not be used for any other purpose.


We don’t waive any copyright of the information posted on this site. In addition, we prohibit to plagiarize contents of this site through feed readers and so on.


We try to provide the right information on this site. However, we don’t take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through this site and linked URLs on this site.

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